How to be Happy

Habits of Consistently Happy People

Happiness is a choice. But not everyone wakes up in the morning and resolves to be happy that day. Reasons could be numerous. Happiness would be easier to achieve if it were only about having friends, money and gratitude. There are several things that influence a lifestyle of happiness. Happiness does change attitude and perception of everything.  I am at my best when I am happy … Continue reading Habits of Consistently Happy People

Non-edible uses of coconut oil

10 Surprising Non-Edible Uses of Coconut Oil

Going natural is the current health trend and the world is busy unraveling the immense benefits of natural wonders. One such marvel is the tropical fruit – coconut.  The innumerable benefits that coconut oil has to offer has made this incredible fruit almost a ‘super-hero’ among the natural foods. As a panacea, coconut is being recommended for general health & wellness, treating chronic health problems, … Continue reading 10 Surprising Non-Edible Uses of Coconut Oil

Go Barefoot

Secrets of Walking Barefoot

Let us face it. In the name of modern culture, we have given up some of the benefits that our natural environs have to offer. Be it walking, eating, farming, or maintaining health, we have continuously been misled by media and government. We are now falling back on our traditional ways of doing things to enjoy the benefits of conventional practices. Connect with the Earth … Continue reading Secrets of Walking Barefoot

Go Triclosan-free

Warning: Are Anti-bacterial Soaps Really Safe?

How many of us are dutifully using anti-bacterial soaps and gels thinking it does kill those germs? Several antibacterial products advertisement make you feel guilty that unless you use one you are bringing danger to your family. The recent announcement of FDA that antibacterial soaps are not any better than water brings back the quest of ‘clean-hands’ to a naught. Triclosan and alcohol are the … Continue reading Warning: Are Anti-bacterial Soaps Really Safe?

Natural Deodorants

Top 5 Alternatives to Toxic Deodorants

One of the reasons why some of us are wary of summers is profuse sweating during the season. Sweating is a natural process that expels the toxic waste out of the body. Sweat by itself is not the culprit for the offensive smell. It comes from bacteria on the skin that breaks down the sweat into acids. Deodorants and antiperspirants are a huge relief for … Continue reading Top 5 Alternatives to Toxic Deodorants

Prickly Heat

10 Ways to Beat the Agonizing Prickly Heat Rashes

As summer sets in, we long to do anything that keeps us away from the heat. Light clothes, cool drinks, air conditioners are some of the main highlights of the season. Summer also brings with it a number of summer ailments. The sweltering heat brings in fresh batch of heat rashes in almost all parts of the body, which can be irritating and annoying. People … Continue reading 10 Ways to Beat the Agonizing Prickly Heat Rashes