Prickly Heat

10 Ways to Beat the Agonizing Prickly Heat Rashes

As summer sets in, we long to do anything that keeps us away from the heat. Light clothes, cool drinks, air conditioners are some of the main highlights of the season. Summer also brings with it a number of summer ailments. The sweltering heat brings in fresh batch of heat rashes in almost all parts of the body, which can be irritating and annoying. People with sensitive skin suffer even more. Due to increased sweating during the summer months, when sweat gets stuck in certain parts of the body, it causes tiny red bumps on the skin.

Both adults as well as children, especially babies are affected with this troublesome condition. This is one of the reasons why many moms dread delivering a baby during the summer months. Babies are the most vulnerable due to their underdeveloped sweat glands. They usually occur on the folds of the skin, like the neck, groin, armpits, abdomen, feet, chest, shoulders, thighs and legs. Though prickly heat rashes typically appear during summer,it can also appear when you wear too much clothing (in winters) that could result in excessive sweating.

This post gives you ways to manage and prevent prickly heat rashes in summer.

Prickly Heat Rashes

Stay Cool to Prevent Heat Rashes

Stay in cool areas during this season. Avoid wearing lotions and moisturizers as they block the sweat glands resulting in breeding of bacteria. Wearing cotton clothes are preferable since synthetic fabric tend to trap the sweat. Keep your body cool by taking bath twice or thrice a day. Cooling foods and drinks like watermelon, cucumber, lemonade, carrots, cantaloupe, cauliflower and strawberries help you to stay hydrated.

How to Help a Baby Feel Better

  • Keep the air circulation with a fan or an air conditioner to regulate the temperature.
  • Remove baby’s clothes (including his nappy) and dress him up in comfortable cotton clothes.
  • Apply cool water compresses on the affected area.
  • Give him an oatmeal bath and avoid using lotions which could only worse then condition.
  • Use icepack on the rash and bathe with an antibacterial soap to reduce inflammation.

Deal with Prickly Heat Rashes Naturally

Though antihistamines are usually prescribed for this condition, you could try some of the natural alternatives to manage prickly heat rashes.

  • Make a paste of sandalwood powder and mix with rose water. Apply on the rashes. Sandalwood has natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. It is therefore a key ingredient that is used in cosmetic products.
  • Get relief from the burning sensation with aloe vera gel. Known as a treasure house of medicinal properties, aloe vera fights bacterial infection which helps to reduce the inflammation. You will feel even better if you keep the gel in the refrigerator for few hours before use.
  • Get rid of the rashes naturally by taking bath in baking soda water mixed in lavender essential oil. Mix two to three table spoons of baking soda in a bucket of water and add two drops of the essential oil.
  • Apply honey on the affected area to heal the rashes quickly.
  • Reduce the heat in the body by staying hydrated by drinking lot of water.
  • Apply natural yogurt on the affected area to soothe the inflamed skin.
  • Rubbing a slice of potato or radish on the rashes can also give you relief.
  • Cut pieces of ginger and boil in water. Cool the water and soak clean cloth and apply on the rashes.
  • Keep your body cool with mint or chamomile tea to prevent increase in body temperature.
  • Dry amla (gooseberry) powder mixed with rosewater is helpful in reducing the heat rashes.

When Should You Visit the Doctor?

See you doctor immediately if –

  • the natural remedies are worsening the skin condition.
  • there is a rash infection (pus coming out of the rash)
  • you have a high temperature of over 102 degree Fahrenheit.
  • the rashes do not heal within five days.

Be prepared and it will be easy for you to skip this summer without the nasty prickly heat rashes.

Do you know of other natural alternatives to manage this skin condition? Let me know in your comments…



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