Go Barefoot

Secrets of Walking Barefoot

Let us face it. In the name of modern culture, we have given up some of the benefits that our natural environs have to offer. Be it walking, eating, farming, or maintaining health, we have continuously been misled by media and government. We are now falling back on our traditional ways of doing things to enjoy the benefits of conventional practices. Connect with the Earth … Continue reading Secrets of Walking Barefoot

Go Triclosan-free

Warning: Are Anti-bacterial Soaps Really Safe?

How many of us are dutifully using anti-bacterial soaps and gels thinking it does kill those germs? Several antibacterial products advertisement make you feel guilty that unless you use one you are bringing danger to your family. The recent announcement of FDA that antibacterial soaps are not any better than water brings back the quest of ‘clean-hands’ to a naught. Triclosan and alcohol are the … Continue reading Warning: Are Anti-bacterial Soaps Really Safe?