Joy of Solitute

The Joy of Solitude

One of my friends invited her parents over to her place just for a night because her husband was travelling. She refuses to stay alone and says that she hates an empty house. She probably is a very ‘people’s person’ who has strong affinity towards people and finds it impossible to stay without them. Being a people’s person comes with its share of pros and cons. A people’s person usually has the charisma that brings life to any gathering and thrives in making relationships. They are usually funny, nice and kind to the people they meet. However, if they ever face a situation to be away from people, they easily break down and find no meaning in life.  Don’t we all face several situations in life when we have a need to stay alone?

Joy of Solitute

On the other hand, loners are assumed to lack social skills and boring. But did you know that loners are more saner than popular people? They have clarity between the inner and the outer and prefer an authentic and simple life.  Their happiness is not dependent on others but on themselves. Loners enjoy their own companionship and the quietude. They find peace and solace with a book, nature, pet, music or anything they choose to be happy with. They have normal jobs and friends but at the end of the day they return to peace, quiet and empty home. Most importantly, people who enjoy peace and quiet love being on their own. This does not mean they are cold and lack a sense of enjoying life. People who embrace or love themselves are quite adept in spending time alone. Strolling in their own kingdom of thoughts and space, they enjoy an exclusive ‘me’ time. Don’t we hear it all the time to have your own ‘me’ time to reflect and come back refreshed? Is there a difference between a loner and a people’s person seeking solace in their own space? The only difference is that few people need to have the ‘me’ time almost regularly while some people need it once in a while, which shows that solitude is not that bad at all.

Being with people all the time may make you popular but being with yourself will make you enjoy a sense of your life. Studies now show that people spending solitude experience better focus, concentration and cognitive levels. Here are some important reasons why solitude can be an enjoyable thing –

  • Being alone gives you more clarity when you noodle on a problem or thought all by yourself.
  • Since you are not being ‘disturbed’, you will automatically be focused and productive.
  • Spending time away from people as much as spending time with them will actually improve your relationship with them.
  • Having fun with yourself can be more rewarding than living up to somebody’s expectations.
  • Disconnecting from people (physically as well as virtually) gives you a better control and gives you a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

You will be able to enjoy solitude better if it embraced by choice and not forced. Unless you know how to constructively make use of your time, solitude certainly makes a safe haven to recharge and unwind.

What kind of a person are you? Do you believe in the goodness of solitude? Share in your comments….


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